Welcome to the Spittal Hill Wind Farm website.

This website has been designed to help inform members of the public about our proposals for a wind farm consisting of up to 7 turbines North East of Spittal Hill, located just over 2km north east of the village of Spittal in Caithness.

The site provides information and links giving you access to a wide range of materials on both the proposed wind farm itself and the reasons for developing wind power as a whole. The main purpose of the site is to give members of the public the opportunity to keep as up to date and well informed as possible on our proposed plans, as well as providing a direct platform for people to feedback their views and comments on Spittal Hill Wind Farm. This will help us to shape our proposals, and submit a planning application for a development that will ultimately help in delivering sustainable economic development opportunities to the community.

The proposals we are putting forward for Spittal Hill Wind Farm are revised plans based upon the reporter’s recommendations from the original Spittal Hill Wind Farm application. In his report, the reporter notes that “SNH believes Spittal Hill is capable of accepting some turbines.” The reporter himself goes on to note that such a position “merits further consideration” and “that the site is capable of accommodating some turbines.” Hence our proposals to come forward with a scheme that has been significantly reduced from 30 to up to 7 turbines with a tip height reduced to 100m.

Copies of the report can be viewed here.